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Track:Just Like You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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With cheater eyes
Won't think nothin'
If you don't think twice
'Cause I'm Just Like You
You've run into someone
Just Like You

Caught you back in town
Turn your back on me
And I'm fooling around
'Cause I'm Just Like You
You always knew I was
Just Like You

Hangin' with friends who are incurably handsome
You and who's who
But when they ask you, you unwillingly answer
"No one told me I was Just Like You!"

Sweet deceiver
We both pay the price
Taking liberties -
Take my advice
I'm Just Like You
You always knew I was
Just Like You

You take your love and then you hold it for ransom
In fair exchange for the truth
Giving your answer in your usual manner
"Being Just Like You, is no excuse"
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