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Viewing Lyrics for Bad Timing:

Track:Bad Timing
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Celluloid summer cut me like a knife
And the hipsters are riding shotgun with my life
Oh, their arrogance is worth its weight in gold
While they price me, merchandise me - then I'm sold

Seven weeks and it's off the charts
They tell me, "Bad Timing"
Everybody's on holiday
No reply - Bad Timing
Cash advance on my royalties?
"So sorry, Bad Timing"
I gave you all of my loyalties
No reply - Bad Timing

Talk ain't cheap when you're paying by the pound
But they always mention their expense account
'Til they take you to the point of no return
Legalize me, criticize me - I've been burned

Fell in love with my manager
They called that Bad Timing
I'm being taken advantage of
They told me, "Bad Timing"
And in return for my loyalty
So sorry, "Bad Timing"
He's taking half of my royalties
No reply - Bad Timing
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