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  1. Thumbnail 4:33

    Keep Myself Awake

    Keep Myself Awake. I've only posted these videos of buffy as a fan, All rights go to owners etc, Youtube please don't delete them.

    Views: 12

  2. Thumbnail 4:39

    Black Lab- Keep Myself Awake

    I do not own the rights to any of these images and audio. I will remove if need be. Im just a big Black Lab fan and Buffy fan.

    Views: 23

  3. Thumbnail 4:30

    Keep myself awake


    Views: 25

  4. Thumbnail 4:35

    Buffy the Vampire slayer Track 8: Keep myself awake

    Track 8 from the 1997 Soundtrack from the Tv Show Buffy the vampire slayer. I do not own anything. No copy Right was inteneded.

    Views: 6

  5. Thumbnail 4:37

    POTC - Black Lab - Keep Myself Awake

    I do not own this Please if you like this view my other videos thank you THANK YOU FOR THE OVER 15000 VIEWS.

    Views: 20

  6. Thumbnail 4:32

    Final Fantasy VII - Keep Myself Awake - Cloud x Aeris

    A Cloud x Aeris video set to Keep Myself Awake by Black Lab. Clips are from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

    Views: 13

  7. Thumbnail 4:16

    keep myself awake, black lab cover

    This is one of my favourite songs off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Album.

    Views: 27

  8. Thumbnail 1:53

    Black Lab - Keep Myself Awake Lyrics

    Black Lab - Keep Myself Awake Lyrics.

    Views: 0

  9. Thumbnail 4:39

    Keep myself awake

    Presenting music and visuals to enhsance effects of music.

    Views: 7

  10. Thumbnail 3:24

    Keep Myself Awake

    From Buffy 4.09 - The I in Team.

    Views: 1

  11. Thumbnail 4:17

    True Live - Keep Myself Awake

    "Keep Myself Awake" by True Live from the 2006 album The Shape Of It (Shock Records). Australian hip-hop with live instrumentation.

    Views: 6

  12. Thumbnail 0:54

    How do I keep myself awake ? | Best Health Channel

    Ways to boost energy instantly how stay awake in class even during 8 a. How to stay awake after an all nighter coffee and other tips. 24 2008 if ...

    Views: 0

  13. Thumbnail 4:38

    Keep Myself Awake (Ten/Rose)

    Inspired by a really lovely video to this alltogether lovely song made about Pirates of the Caribbean by the fantastic RheaBatz, who I spoke to a...

    Views: 10

  14. Thumbnail 4:32

    Keep Myself Awake

    Jude is with Spied and trying hard to hide the fact that Tommy is everywhere and in everything she does. So, when Spied begins to get suspicious,...

    Views: 18

  15. Thumbnail 4:27

    CSI:GSR Black Lab_Keep My Self Awake.

    Video con la Cancion Keep My Self Awake del Grupo Black Lab del Soundtrack de la serie Buffy The Vampires Slayer disfrutenlo dejen sus comentario...

    Views: 4

  16. Thumbnail 2:32

    Buffy -Keep Myself Awake by Black Lab ( cover version)

    in the vid i say its on their album and by that i mean the Buffy one sorry if anyone gets confused, i admit it am a huge Buffy and Angel fan so i...

    Views: 16

  17. Thumbnail 5:03

    Keep Myself Awake-True Live

    This is an Australian Rapper who instead of using beats he has a Band. AWESOME!!!

    Views: 6

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